1) Are Industrial guitars solid body or hollow or...?
a: All Industrial instruments are hollow bodies, and this (combined with alloy and gauge selection) is what produces their unique tone, and acoustic response. Depending on the requirements requested for the primary use of the instrument (stage performance, campfire jamming, or both, or ...?) determines which gauge and alloy I recommend for the project.

2) What models/configurations do you auction on Ebay?
a: I frequently auction the lighter gauge models on Ebay, and generally just lap steels currently. The lighter gauge steels are a great compromise for acoustic volume, as well as good sustain and tone amplified. These are the "all purpose" models, which are just as enjoyable playing acoustic, as they are plugged in.

3) What is this "composite core" all about?
a: The core used in most models is a dense, man-made material that I aquire specifically for these instruments. It compliments the aluminum construction by reducing certain frequencies, and helping to bring out the natural "bell-like" tone of the gauges/alloys of aluminum I use. The core comprises the perimeter of the instrument, separating the plates.

4) Are Industrial Guitars hard to keep clean?
a: Not at all. All that is usally required is a little window cleaner (like Windex) and a paper towel to keep them wiped down and looking new. Aluminum will show marks and scratches eventually from use, but heavy use is encouraged & adds character to the instrument like a favorite tool! I offer to refinish the instruments in the future if the original customer ever desires it. Just cover the shipping, and I'll provide the service for free.

5) Can I order a customized guitar or lap steel?
a: Absolutely! Just refer to my 'contact me' and/or 'custom order pricing page for info.

6) Are these instruments made in a factory on production machines?
a: No, all Industrial Guitars are handmade in a custom shop environment.

7) Will you sell and ship worldwide?
a: Absolutely!

8) Why do some pictures show a brownish tint on the Aluminum? Can you anodize or put a custom paint job on my instrument?
a: Many of the pictures are taken under the fluorescent lighting in the shop, which sometimes produces the yellow or brown tint in the photos. All instruments are plain, silver colored aluminum, and currently no options exist for anodized or painted/powder coated finishes.

9) Why do you offer "heavy" and "light" gauge models, and what's the difference between the 2 options?
a: I developed the 2 optional metal gauges over the years to accommodate my 2 main lap steel customers. The first is the light gauge model customer, who wished to have a bit more acoustic volume for jamming with friends, playing around the campfire, on the porch, in the office, or for louder acoustic practice, etc. They still wanted the ability to plug the steel into an amp, and play on stage in many cases, and the light gauge model delivers as an "all purpose" model.

The second is the heavy gauge model customer, who wished to have a steel specifically for stage and live performance or recording use. The heavy gauge models generally have a removable back panel as opposed to the tone/access port of the light gauge models, and they also feature the heavier plating, which adds a bit more amplified sustain and feedback supression for the hollow body instrument at high stage volumes.

10) Can I order my lap steel with removable legs?
a: I don't currently offer removable, adjustable legs as an option, but do plan to develop this in the future. A very workable alternative is to purchase an inexpensive adjustable keyboard stand for use as a lap steel stand for my lap steels. Another alternative is to use many of the adjustable drum/cymbal type stands. These are very stout, and highly adaptable for many uses. I would be happy to fabricate any adapters needed for mounting your steel to one of these stands free of charge. Just advise me when placing your order, and the best approach would be to ship the stand to me while construction of your steel is underway. I can fabricate the appropriate adapters or fasteners (if needed) to your steel at that time. Many keyboard stands can be readily used as is, with no adapter required.

11) What strings will my steel ship with?
a: Unless a special tuning is requested, all standard gauge steels ship with a set of electric, heavy gauge strings on them, normally 14-56 gauge & tuned in open E. Custom tunings or scale lengths are no problem, just advise me when ordering. Occasionally this may include a slightly higher pricing, depending on scale length or special order strings sets, etc.

12) Where can I find other tunings for lap steels?
a: Do a simple internet search for 'lap steel tunings' and you will find quite a few results & charts full of different tunings.