ES Amber ElectraSlide


Small body ElectraSlide model with parallel 3″ wide neck

24.75″ scale length, 24 fret markers

Ambidextrous control layout

Ambidextrous “Suspender” bridge & nut system. Holds all string tops level with each other no matter what gauges or tunings. Easily string left handed, or can be set up left handed when I build it for you

Pictured with a Kent Armstrong humbucker, but this model will be equipped with a chrome/nickel humbucker sized P 90 (other custom pickup options always available, — please inquire)

Grover 102c Rotomatic tuners

Ships set up for right handed, and with strings & tuning for open E unless requested otherwise.  Nickel roundwound 16-56 strings standard.
soft case included